About Composting Toilets

Waterless composting toilets are a modern, stylish alternative to the standard flushing toilet.

They are odourless, simple to install and very easy to maintain.

Instead of flushing waste down the sewer, a composting toilet cleverly breaks down all deposits and turns unwanted waste product into a valuable compost resource that enriches soil and stores carbon in the ground.

Most systems require only a few small handfuls of mulch to be thrown in to the system after every use, instead of pressing a button to flush. That’s why they save thousands of litres of water!

As well as household use, composting toilets are perfect for weekenders, sheds, outhouses or for temporary use at events as they require no plumbing or expert installation and are cost-effective.

What kind of composting toilet do I need?

To choose the best composting toilet for your needs, an estimate of the capacity you will require is a good way to start. Head to our Compare Composting Toilets page to find the product best for you.

Hear what others are saying

Did you know? The average Australian household would save 35,000 Litres of water per year by switching to a composting toilet!


Does it Smell?

The most common question we are asked!

Happily the answer is No – there is absolutely no odour from composting toilets.

‘Long drop’ toilets, which are often found in national parks, often emit awful smells caused by nitrogen rich, anaerobic conditions. Composting toilets are designed to enable aerobic breakdown and often have fan vents to enable quick breakdown, meaning no noticeable smell.

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