Consultation Services

We offer a range of consultation services to assist in all aspects of waste water management. From small scale domestic projects to large scale commercial operations we offer services in the following:

  • Total Property Waste Water Management – If you are unsure of what your options are and what systems you would like to implement at your property, we offer a full consultation service from site surveys through to system installation. We can show you what your options are, how you can save on costs, what environmental benefits can be achieved and how different options can be implemented to best suit your needs.
  • Site and Soil Evaluations – when planning for a new build / project and deciding on wastewater options to suit, the site and soil conditions of the site play a large role in determining what your options are and ultimately the design of the implemented system. We offer total site and soil evaluations and can provide quality, professional reports which can be used in local / state government applications etc.
  • Council Applications – We provide scaled drawings, specifications and all relevant documentation required for council applications. We can lodge applications on a client’s behalf to provide a smooth, trouble free approval and provide copies of relevant documents to architects, builders and plumbers as required.
  • System Installation – We can provide a full or partial installation of your wastewater management system. Working with your builder, plumber or architect to ensure a smooth installation process or supervision and advice for owner builder DIY installation.

To discuss your consultation requirements

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