Maintaining Composting Toilets

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Although all composting toilets work on the same basic principles, there is considerable variation between models, each with their own maintenance requirements. The size of your system and the frequency of use will determine how often you need to change over the waste chamber.

A Note on Cleaning Your Composting Toilet

As with any toilet pedestal, a composting toilet pedestal will need to be cleaned periodically. The design of composting toilets means that waste can drop without messing the pedestal and results in less regular cleaning requirements than a conventional flushing toilet.

It is important to not use any harsh cleaning products that will harm the healthy, hard working microbes within your compost. Using ‘natural’ or ‘eco-friendly’ products is suggested and we recommend using our specially formulated composting toilet cleaning spray.

Waste chutes are cleaned by simply wiping the surface clean. For hard to reach spots we recommend spraying toilet paper on a toilet brush, wiping the area and letting the soiled paper fall into your compost chamber.