Composting toilets

Do they smell?

Composting toilets are waterless, odourless and easy to maintain. Save money and water, whilst making nutrient rich compost.

Split system vs Self-contained?


Lower Capacity – Occasional Use

No space below the toilet pedestal is required. These systems are most suited to lesser or part-time use. They are quick and easy to install and hence are popular for weekenders and sheds etc.


Higher Capacity – Household / Commercial Use

Split System toilets are the larger, greater capacity option. Underfloor clearance is needed for these systems and the height requirements vary to accommodate different toilet models.

What’s the significance of “certified products”?

Water Wally provides some certificated products letting you know that they are safe, reliable and high-quality.

How do I know what ‘capacity’ suits my needs?

If you have any questions, just give us a call on 08 9758 8640 or email us at and we can talk through your needs.

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