Clivus Multrum CM14 Tank

The CM14  waterless composting toilet is ideal for larger households with more than one toilet and small public facilities, especially where two pedestals are required.

(When you purchase more than one pedestal and seat, an additional pedestal chute and collar will also be required and sold separately.)

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The Clivus Multrum™ CM14 waterless composting toilet tanks are made of UV resistant rotomoulded polyethylene to ensure longevity and structural integrity. These sturdy waterless toilet units are built to the highest Australian standards using state-of-the-art material, this is a bathroom setup that will stand the test of time.  And it’s great for the environment and your garden too.

The Clivus Multrum™ CM14 has the lowest profile of all the Clivus Multrum solutions when partially buried.

The CM14 is designed to be suited for 9-19 people full time. The CM14 design makes it suitable for:

  • Large Residential houses
  • Public Facilities
  • Walking trails
  • Remote work stations

The CM10 is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2:2008 and is approved in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, NT, SA, WA and TAS. (The products are approved only if installed as per the installation manual).



A CM14 Tank Package comes with:

  • Fully assembled composting tank
  • Pedestal waste chute (550mm) and dektite
  • 100mm ventilation and drain kit
  • Installation kit and maintenance tool
  • Starter pack
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual


Capacity Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.
Daily 38 visits (average)
Annually 14000 visits (approx.)
Weights & Dimensions (L by W by H)
Unit 2080mm L x 1500mm W x 1090mm H
Floorspace Required Min. clearance under floor = 1190
Min. clearance under floor if buried = 710
Max. buried in ground at front = 480
Max. fixtures 2 pedestals
Chute Length 550mm
Shipping Weight 270kg
Shipping Pallet Dimensions 2100mm x 1500mm x 1200mm
Materials UV resistant rotomoulded polyethylene tank.
Stainless steel front baffle & air ducts and a polyethylene rear air baffle.
All fasteners are of stainless steel. Other minor fittings are of corrosion resistant materials.
Polymarble Pedestals in range of colours. Has a polished interior and exterior giving a porcelain like finish, minimises soiling and is easy to clean.
Electrical Rating
Power Usage 240/24/12V
Certifications / Approvals
SAI Global Certification / AS/NZS 1546.2:2008 On-site domestic wastewater treatment units – Waterless composting toilets. This model is approved in QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, NT, ACT, WA & TAS (The products are approved only if installed as per the installation manual)


CM8 to CM40 Installation Manual