Remote Wastewater & Toilet Solutions

A more eco-friendly way to take care of wastewater.

If you’re in a remote location, managing your wastewater is one of the most essential things to get right. Luckily, the most environmentally friendly solution is often the simplest and most cost-effective.

It’s never one size fits all.

Every project needs its own approach. That’s why we take a holistic view to narrow down the options to find what’s best. It all starts with a conversation with our team.

We take into account your needs, evaluate the location with site and soil evaluations, and look at how we can take advantage of opportunities to make the most of your wastewater management system.

While we always like to find an environmentally friendly solution, first and foremost it’s about what’s necessary. We have a broad range of equipment and products with a large network of suppliers so you get the right wastewater management system.

Mine Spec Waterless Toilets

Kazuba STK Systems For Hot & Cold Climates

Why go the Wally way?

  • The full service, from design and consultancy to delivery and installation.
  • We take a holistic approach.
  • Years of practical experience and technical expertise.
  • Choose from a wide range of products and solutions.
  • Site and soil evaluations.
  • Help with approvals and documentation.
  • Lower your ongoing maintenance and associated costs.
  • Save your water resources.
  • Minimal environmental impact and small carbon footprint.
  • Australia-wide supply.

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You’re here because you want to save or recycle water, take care of our environment, or save money. Whether you’re at home or a business, our unbiased advice, supply, installation and servicing will make sure you get the setup that’s best for you.

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