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A lifetime of experience and knowledge to share.

From a lifetime of experience, experimentation and training come a powerful wealth of knowledge to share. Water Wally’s Environmental Engineer, Anthony Smith is available for everything from personal consultations through to professional presentations.

Anthony is a fantastic speaker who explains and presents things in a way that can make complex systems and procedures easy to digest and understand.

A quick consult.

When it comes to wastewater management there is no “one size fits all” and it pays to know your options. Taking a thoughtful, integrated approach to water usage and wastewater management can minimise infrastructure and maintenance requirements.

A system that compliments your existing site/soil conditions and which also meets your needs and budget can ensure a reliable and sustainable setup that will serve you well for many years to come.

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Educational presentations, workshops and more!

From international Conferences and Expo’s through to small-scale workshops and presentations. Bring some engaging and educational content to your event with some input from our original Wally!

We’re happy to discuss your needs and tailor talks to suit your audience and desired educational (or entertainment!) outcomes.

Please get in touch to discuss what value we could bring to you.

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About me.

I’m a fully qualified Environmental Engineer specialising in Off-Grid wastewater management. I have spent the last 10 years (or more!) working with homeowners and businesses from all over Australia, helping them implement sustainable wastewater management solutions.

I work with a “keep it simple” approach and have a passion for helping people learn how to implement simple and sustainable wastewater management systems.

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So many loos to choose from!

Rota Loo, Nature Loo, Green Loo, Clivus Mutlrum and more… With so many products to choose from and some questionable sources of information available online, it’s hard to know which composting toilet best suits your needs. We have over 10 years of practical, hands-on experience working with all of the composting toilets available on the market as well as experience working with DIY toilet designs.

If you’re wanting to get some honest advice on what your options are or if you’re looking to know more about building your own composting toilet, we’re here to help! From advice on homemade wheelie bin toilets to regulatory-compliant off-the-shelf products (and everything in between).

A quick (30 minute) consult can put you on the right path and give you piece of mind that you’re making the right decisions.

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Past events and Media

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If you’ve got a project or event that you’d like to discuss the details of, please get in touch. If you’re looking for more general info or have general questions, please join our online community at the Water Wally Community Facebook Page where you can post a question and learn from the real-life experiences of others.

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