The Water Wally Story

When people first talk to us, we often get the same few questions. What’s your experience? Why are you called Water Wally’? And, do waterless toilets smell?

The answer to the last question first is a definite ‘no’, they don’t smell
at all. Our experience and the reason we started the company is a bit of a longer story.

We’ve had more than 15 years of experience working hands-on with a range of wastewater management systems. But our Water Wally was officially founded in 2012, with a focus on supplying composting toilets, and greywater recycling systems. We provide a complete service, from expert advice and information, to the design, installation and operation of a range of setups.

Whether you’re an off-grid homeowner or a large capacity remote commercial operation, we’ll give you the choice of a wide range of products and brands. We don’t just stock one line, ensuring we can give unbiased advice and find the solution and system that suits
you best.

Anthony Smith
– our original Wally

The story of Water Wally began with our founder and director, Anthony Smith. After finishing a degree in Environmental Engineering, he travelled around Australia, often working and living on remote self-sufficient properties. He saw first-hand how living off-grid was an exercise in survival, and how water conservation was essential to this. Things like waterless toilets and reusing greywater played vital roles.

A passion for the environment and water conservation led him to start a landscaping business, specialising in waterwise gardening. Not surprisingly, smarter gardening practices led him back full circle to saving and recycling water by incorporating greywater irrigation and compost creating waterless toilets.

When he’s not out in far-flung remote locations, you’ll find Anthony
in Margaret River, where he often gives regular educational presentations to local and government organisations, outlining the applications and benefits of using waterless composting toilets and greywater systems.

So, why the name?

The original landscaping business was called the Garden Goon. As it grew into water conservation systems, it evolved into Water Wally. Pretty obvious right?

Meet our frog, Wally

Frogs have long been a symbol of a healthy environment. When the water dries up or it gets contaminated, the frogs die and disappear, sometimes forever. Frogs in our waterways are our canary in the coalmine.

Our Brandmark

Our Brandmark represents our values in a sustainable environment and approach focusing on water conservation & the environment.


Why trust Water Wally?

Being Western Australia’s leading supplier of composting toilets gives us up-to-date news and information on a range of options and a competitive advantage over other composting toilet suppliers. We have hands on, practical knowledge of the installation, maintenance and general performance of these toilet options from small, self-contained units to large scale commercial setups.

Do composting toilets smell?

The number one question asked of composting toilets and the answer is simply no.

There is absolutely no odour in a toilet room containing a waterless composting toilet. This is something that some people find hard to believe and much of this comes from people’s bad experiences with ‘pit’ toilets often used in remote places and often mistaken for composting toilets. The design and operation of waterless composting toilets result in less odour than a normal flushing toilet. See our “how they work” page to find out more about this.

If you’re not convinced – the proof is in the pudding (so to speak). Contact us to visit our showroom and see a working composting toilet (no smell), or if you can tell us your location we may be able to direct you to a public composting toilet nearby so you can see it for yourself.

Can I install a composting toilet myself?

Yes. All toilets come with a detailed installation manual and anyone with basic handyman (or handywoman) experience can install a waterless composting toilet in about one day. Alternatively, we offer a full installation service – contact us for a free quote.

How do composting toilets work?

Basically by creating the right conditions within the toilets composting chamber to keep your waste as an active, healthy compost pile rather than a smelly pile of poo!

Composting toilets offer a hygienic way to recycle human waste in a manner that avoids polluting and wasting precious water.

All composting toilets are designed to ensure the correct levels of moisture, temperature, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen required to achieve good composting are present in the chambers. Moisture is managed through drainage and evaporation systems which remove excess liquid from the solids. Oxygen is regulated using low-wattage ventilation systems which aerate the compost and also serve to evacuate any odours from the toilet room. The ideal temperature is achieved depending on site specifics and the system used. The carbon/nitrogen balance is managed by regularly adding carbon-dense mulch to the pile. At the end of the composting process, microbes have broken down the waste into humus, a soil-like substance with an earthy odour.

How do I manage greywater?

A composting toilet only handles your solid waste, also known as black water. The greywater produced by your shower, bath, basins, laundry and kitchen sink needs to be managed separately.

More information specifically on how to manage your greywater can be found on the greywater page.

Where and how can I buy a composting toilet?

Here. All products can be bought directly through us and delivered to you at the lowest possible price. Smaller systems are available to purchase online from this website. Larger models are available by contacting us to make sure you have chosen the model that is right for you.

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