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Expert advice on toilets, greywater and wastewater management systems.

Australia’s leading expert on wastewater management

If you are looking for a wastewater management solution to suit your home/project and you’re finding it tricky to know which way to go – you’re not alone! Over the past decade, Water Wally’s Environmental Engineer, Anthony Smith, has worked with thousands of homeowners, businesses and other organisations to find the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.

A quick consult with Anthony

During your 45-minute consultation with Anthony, he’ll unpack your situation, needs and site conditions to help determine the best setup for you.

This consultation can give you clarity and peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions and choosing a system that is right for you. It’s a small investment that could save you thousands!

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Tiny homes and off-grid wastewater

Understanding your options and knowing what the important factors to consider are, can go a long way. This course has been carefully curated to put you on the right path for cost-effective and sustainable wastewater management in your tiny home, glamping/eco-tourism or other small-scale off-grid living setup.

Coming Soon!

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Composting Toilets 101

  • What are they?
  • How do they work?
  • How to build a DIY one.
  • Composting toilets and regulations.
  • Choosing the right system for you.
  • Maintenance and operation.
  • Where they’re suitable and where they’re not.
  • Troubleshooting.

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Compost Loo Course

Greywater 101

  • What is greywater?
  • Reuse, treatment and/or disposal.
  • Simple greywater irrigation systems.
  • Greywater and regulations.
  • Do’s and Don’t with greywater.
  • Simple DIY greywater treatment systems
  • Greywater in trenches
  • Understanding greywater as a resource.

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We’re working on it!

Understanding what people need to know is the easy bit – putting it all together in an easy-to-digest and engaging format takes a bit of work!

Currently, we’re working on putting together the above 3 courses which we know many people will find real value in.

We know that there is other content that will also have great value and we’ll work on putting that together as we progress with things.

If you’re needing help with understanding your options for wastewater management and would like to discuss with our Environmental Engineer, Anthony Smith, please feel free to book a 30-minute consultation.

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