Off-Grid Wastewater Management

It’s (usually) simple as.

Wastewater management doesn’t need to be a mystery, it doesn’t need to be scary, and it doesn’t need to be complex or expensive.

Finding the “best” toilet or wastewater management solution for your home or project starts with knowing your options.

Anthony (Smitho) Smith is a passionate Environmental Engineer working with people from all over Australia (and abroad) to enable sustainable and cost effective wastewater management solutions.

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Anthony was so helpful in helping me design and choose water products for my off-grid tiny house. His advice was invaluable and experienced very evident. Anthony explained the best options for my needs and I couldn’t have done it without him!

Kim – Victoria
Katie Pritchard
Katie Pritchard
30 November 2023
We recently had a paid consultation with Anthony regarding an effluent disposal system and grey water reuse setup. Anthony was professional, highly knowledgeable and happy to share his years of expertise to guide us through this process. Thank you Anthony for your time, highly recommend for those seeking more information on grey water solutions and no doubt we will continue to use your services going forward.
Todd Erickson
Todd Erickson
26 November 2023
I've been planning on off-grid property for a few years now. Anthony has been amazing at sharing his expertise and knowledge to ensure we are set up correctly. Highly recommend engaging his paid service to get the best out of your applications to various Shire / City approvers. No hiccups for us!!
steve turley
steve turley
24 November 2023
Knowledgeable expert advice on waste water management . Saved me lots of time and money chasing information to meet my building permit requirements . Would recommend to anyone seeking advice on waste water management for house builds.
Jeff Jain
Jeff Jain
15 November 2023
Water Wally has been a tremendous help in developing composting toilets, greywater diversion systems, and working in large developments of eco and alternatove housing. They have shared knowledge of some of the cutting edge technology for soil health and soil building, and its been a tremendous gift to benefit from their sustainability vision so critically needed. Such a helpful inspiring team.
Mark Rattigan
Mark Rattigan
13 November 2023
Anthony has a great knowledge of the subject, explains things in a simple way and delivered on his promises.
Lucy Lich
Lucy Lich
28 October 2023
Anthony is a legend! He really knows his stuff when it comes to greywater systems, composting toilets, sustainability, environmental science, and more. Not to mention he is so generous with his time and energy. His approach is very down to earth, he's open to answering all sorts of questions and you can feel that Anthony really cares about helping people and doing right by the Earth. I've consulted with him many times with advice about greywater and composting toilets especially, when I was moving into my tiny house. Anthony is also a really lovely guy and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him for all things greywater, poo talk and related areas!
Peter Wicks
Peter Wicks
26 October 2023
Wanting to install a greywater disposal system in an offshore remote setting, Anthony helped us in a really clear and open way to navigate possible solutions. By the consultations end, we felt we had a great proposal to put forward to our local shire. Highly recommended for those wanting to ease the whole process. Thanks Anthony, a massive help for us!! Quick Update, all approved through our local shire. Definitely contact Water Wally friendly professional advice!
Justy Rogers
Justy Rogers
17 October 2023
Anthony is a minefield of information and was able to suggest solutions for 3 different composting toilet set up we require. His whiteboard sketches really helped the 3 of us, all firing questions at Anthony ( a builder, caretaken and me, farm manager) clearly understand the concept much more accurately. I highly recommend him as a consultant for anyone confused about all the options concerning compost toilets.
Cody Greer
Cody Greer
16 October 2023
Anthony is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does! If you have any questions regarding waste and water management, I wouldn't recommend anyone higher than these guys. Thanks for you help time and again ????
13 October 2023
was awesome at giving quick advice and feedback in regard to a grey watering system i set up (and purchased) from them 🙂

Workshops and Presentations to Educate and Inspire.

Yeah, the heading (above) sounds a bit ‘fluffy’ considering the unglamorous topic at hand is, “wastewater” but, believe it or not, it’s amazing how engaging and interesting the topic can be!

From the biology at work in a composting toilet to the regulations surrounding greywater reuse for garden irrigation, there’s a lot to learn about the wonderful world of wastewater.

By keeping things simple and easy to digest (no pun intended!) I aim to give people the understanding and the tools they need in order to feel comfortable making informed decisions around on-site wastewater management.

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You’re probably here because you want to save or recycle water, take care of our environment, or save money. That’s what Water Wally is here for too. Conserving our most precious resource is our passion. Usually, the simplest and most cost-effective solutions are also the most practical and environmentally sustainable ones too. And that’s what we specialise in. Whether you’re at home or a business, our aim is to share what we’ve learnt and help you achieve to most economical and sustainable wastewater management outcomes.

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