Off-Grid Wastewater Management Consultancy and Education

It’s (usually) simple as.

Wastewater management doesn’t need to be a mystery, it doesn’t need to be scary, and it doesn’t need to be complex or expensive.

Finding the “best” toilet or wastewater management solution for your home or project starts with knowing your options.

Anthony (Smitho) Smith is a passionate Environmental Engineer working with people from all over Australia (and abroad) to enable sustainable and cost effective wastewater management solutions.

What’s the consultation service?

Anthony was so helpful in helping me design and choose water products for my off-grid tiny house. His advice was invaluable and experienced very evident. Anthony explained the best options for my needs and I couldn’t have done it without him!

Kim – Victoria
Glen Brand
Glen Brand
1 May 2024
Anthony provides a very casual, friendly consultation in which you can feel free to ask anything and know you will get a knowledgeable considered answer. At the end I felt empowered to make a clear decision knowing that it would be practical and cost effective.
Lizzie Brown
Lizzie Brown
30 April 2024
Anthony was a great source of information and knowledge I had no idea how to go about implementing a grey water system for our home but after the consult I feel very confident about moving forward and being able to decrease our reliance on town water. Highly recommended Anthony and all his years of experience in the field.
Luke Maloney
Luke Maloney
19 March 2024
Anthony was extremely helpful in stepping me through the waste water options for our tiny home. His experience and expertise was invaluable in giving me information to make decisions going forward. I'd definitely recommend a consult.
Louise Corteen
Louise Corteen
7 March 2024
Absolutely fantastic consult that I could not recommend more highly. Anthony has an incredible wealth of knowledge but is able to distill it into accessible info that's really easy to follow. In our case, his advice is going to save us money and give us a better outcome than if we'd carried on without his advice.
Andrea Cass
Andrea Cass
26 February 2024
I had a consultation with Anthony from Water Wally because of our continuing problems with our composting toilet over the past 9 weeks in our tiny home We've had ongoing problems including flies, a strong ammonia smell when it rains and lack of composting in the chamber. Anthony was extremely thorough collecting information regarding location and setup prior to making any recommendations... In much the same way a doctor collects all the symptoms and test results before making a diagnosis. I took the phone outside so he could physically see the set up too. Anthony provided me with a number of improvements we could make to the setup and also dispelled some inaccuracies we had been told. I had been unable to get resolution through the company that sold the WC. We also talked about whether there would have been a better option for us given our location and it appears there would have been.... SO I urge anyone embarking on the tiny house journey to have a consultation with Anthony PRIOR to committing to any solution. There may be different/better answers for certain situations. For those who think that $250 is expensive for a consultation.... I suggest you consider the cost of making the wrong decision. It appears we could have got a much better solution for half the expense of the composting WC and greywater system. It is a tiny expense in the overall cost of building your home and I can assure you that it is one of the most impactful on your state of mind. I highly recommend Anthony as a specialist in this area... he has many years practical experience dealing with all the issues and I regret missing his presentation at the Toowoomba tiny home show.
Diana Neggo
Diana Neggo
14 February 2024
We bought a composting toilet from Anthony of Water Wally. It's great and works well in the studio. I want to buy another for our RV but I can't reach anyone. Lots of messages and a contact form in the website and nothing back. Frustrating.
9 January 2024
Anthony was very helpful in providing us several options for our specific project requirements, educating us along the way. Thanks Anthony.
Simon and Kate Price
Simon and Kate Price
4 January 2024
Great advice that and took into account our specific needs and situation. We are in the planning stages and needed a reality check on what solutions we should be looking at. Anthony gave low key, practical advice and clearly has great knowledge. He was also good at explaining technical things for the uneducated but enthusiastic. Would recommend for a consultation.
Aaron Aaron
Aaron Aaron
17 December 2023
Unreal service - the consultation session was well worth the money and has saved us multiples the cost in time saved and product selection / placement. Zero complaints!
Katie Pritchard
Katie Pritchard
30 November 2023
We recently had a paid consultation with Anthony regarding an effluent disposal system and grey water reuse setup. Anthony was professional, highly knowledgeable and happy to share his years of expertise to guide us through this process. Thank you Anthony for your time, highly recommend for those seeking more information on grey water solutions and no doubt we will continue to use your services going forward.

Workshops and Presentations to Educate and Inspire.

Yeah, the heading (above) sounds a bit ‘fluffy’ considering the unglamorous topic at hand is, “wastewater” but, believe it or not, it’s amazing how engaging and interesting the topic can be!

From the biology at work in a composting toilet to the regulations surrounding greywater reuse for garden irrigation, there’s a lot to learn about the wonderful world of wastewater.

By keeping things simple and easy to digest (no pun intended!) I aim to give people the understanding and the tools they need in order to feel comfortable making informed decisions around on-site wastewater management.

Please get in touch to find out about booking in a workshop/presentation at your event, school or whatever!

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You’re probably here because you want to save or recycle water, take care of our environment, or save money. That’s what Water Wally is here for too. Simple, sustainable and cost-effective wastewater management is my passion. Usually, the simplest and most cost-effective solutions are also the most practical and environmentally sustainable ones too. And that’s what I specialise in. Whether you’re at home or a business, I aim to share what I’ve learnt and help you achieve the most economical and sustainable wastewater management outcomes.

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