Greywater Systems

Greywater is the new green.

If you really want to reduce the amount of water you waste, you can’t go past recycling your greywater.

Greywater is basically all the water that flows down your drain. Water from your washing machine and laundry sink, and your bathroom sinks and showers, can all easily be used to water your garden.

Up to 50% of household water is used in the garden. Reusing greywater in your garden is effectively halving your water consumption.

From backyards to big business.

Greywater can be used by all sizes of homes or commercial organisations. There are systems to suit them all. Whether, you’re about to build, or want to retro-fit to existing plumbing and irrigation, we’ll help you work out the best setup for you.

The average household creates 3000L of greywater waste per week.

We love greywater because one simple system has so many great benefits.

  • Recycle water you used to waste.
  • Take the pressure off our valuable drinking water resources.
  • Save a massive amount of water from being wasted.
  • Create a year-round resource to keep your garden flourishing.
  • Save on your water bills.

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We have a beautifully simple solution.

Instead of your wastewater going down the drain, you collect it to help your garden grow. What’s not to love about that?

In essence, a greywater system can be pretty straightforward. A Greywater Diversion Device (GDD) diverts, filters and delivers your household wastewater into your garden through sub-surface irrigation (these are the purple pipes you might have seen.)



We’ll help you choose the best system

It’s different for everyone and every site. While the idea behind greywater is simple, there are always technical aspects and practical issues to consider. With our expertise, products and unbiased advice, we’ve pretty much got all that covered.

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You’re here because you want to save or recycle water, take care of our environment, or save money. Whether you’re at home or a business, our unbiased advice, supply, installation and servicing will make sure you get the setup that’s best for you.

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