Composting Toilets

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Did you know? The average Australian Household would save 35,000 Litres of water per year by switching to a composting toilet!

Our ultimate goal here is in creating a space to share information about composting toilets. We want to help you make the right decision in choosing a loo for your requirements. We want to help promote the use of composting toilets and the environmental benefits that come from doing so. We want to share ideas and plans with people who are looking to build a composting toilet themselves. We want to help answer those common questions and make it easy to use and maintain a trouble free, compost producing, water-less loo!

As well as all of that – Water Wally is a family operated business and we need to sell some loos to keep things afloat!

So… we are set up as your ‘one stop shop’ in composting toilets. We sell composting toilets from (pretty much) all commercially available brands in Australia and can offer unbiased advice across the whole product range. As a wholesale re-seller we sell (and freight) all toilets and accessories for the same price as you would find buying directly from the manufacturers.

If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to on this site, or if there is a particular loo/part/accessory that you were unable to find, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Composting Toilets Australia

Waterless Composting Toilets are a modern, stylish alternative to the flushing toilet. They are odourless, easy to maintain and have huge environmental benefits.

Using a composting toilet in your home will cost you far less than a regular treatment system, will save you thousands of litres of water each year and will provide you with a nutrient rich compost.