Some handy resources to save our most precious one.

We’re not here to sell you products, we’re here to make sure you find the most effective way to conserve water.

It doesn’t start with a product, it starts with knowledge and understanding to make sure you get the systems that suits you best.

Here you’ll find all our useful resources and information where you
can learn more about waterless composting toilets and greywater systems.

Blogs Apr 19, 2022

Spreading the Word

After what started to seem like a border closure that might become a permanent way of life, the W.A. border…

Guides Apr 11, 2022

Grey 2 Green – Greywater Disposal Plans for homes

Create a greener solution for your greywater

Blogs Apr 05, 2022

And… the next chapter begins!

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes here at Water Wally H.Q. We’ve been busy building our team…

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

Where and how can I buy a composting toilet?

Here. All products can be bought directly through us and delivered to you at the lowest possible price. Smaller systems…

FAQs Mar 16, 2022

How do I manage greywater?

A composting toilet only handles your solid waste, also known as black water. The greywater produced by your shower, bath,…

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

How do composting toilets work?

Basically by creating the right conditions within the toilets composting chamber to keep your waste as an active, healthy compost…

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

Can I install a composting toilet myself?

Yes. All toilets come with a detailed installation manual and anyone with basic handyman (or handywoman) experience can install a…

FAQs Mar 16, 2022

Why trust Water Wally?

Being Western Australia’s leading supplier of composting toilets gives us up-to-date news and information on a range of options and…

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

How do I know what ‘capacity’ suits my needs?

If you have any questions, just give us a call on 08 9758 8640 or email us at and we…

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

What’s the significance of “certified products”?

Water Wally provides some certificated products letting you know that they are safe, reliable and high-quality.

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

Split system vs Self-contained?

SELF CONTAINED SYSTEMS Lower Capacity – Occasional Use No space below the toilet pedestal is required. These systems are most…

Composting Toilet Mar 16, 2022

Do composting toilets smell?

Composting toilets are waterless, odourless and easy to maintain. Save money and water, whilst making nutrient rich compost.

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