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Your one-hour wastewater consultation session

Glen Brand
Glen Brand
1 May 2024
Anthony provides a very casual, friendly consultation in which you can feel free to ask anything and know you will get a knowledgeable considered answer. At the end I felt empowered to make a clear decision knowing that it would be practical and cost effective.
Lizzie Brown
Lizzie Brown
30 April 2024
Anthony was a great source of information and knowledge I had no idea how to go about implementing a grey water system for our home but after the consult I feel very confident about moving forward and being able to decrease our reliance on town water. Highly recommended Anthony and all his years of experience in the field.
Luke Maloney
Luke Maloney
19 March 2024
Anthony was extremely helpful in stepping me through the waste water options for our tiny home. His experience and expertise was invaluable in giving me information to make decisions going forward. I'd definitely recommend a consult.
Louise Corteen
Louise Corteen
7 March 2024
Absolutely fantastic consult that I could not recommend more highly. Anthony has an incredible wealth of knowledge but is able to distill it into accessible info that's really easy to follow. In our case, his advice is going to save us money and give us a better outcome than if we'd carried on without his advice.
Andrea Cass
Andrea Cass
26 February 2024
I had a consultation with Anthony from Water Wally because of our continuing problems with our composting toilet over the past 9 weeks in our tiny home We've had ongoing problems including flies, a strong ammonia smell when it rains and lack of composting in the chamber. Anthony was extremely thorough collecting information regarding location and setup prior to making any recommendations... In much the same way a doctor collects all the symptoms and test results before making a diagnosis. I took the phone outside so he could physically see the set up too. Anthony provided me with a number of improvements we could make to the setup and also dispelled some inaccuracies we had been told. I had been unable to get resolution through the company that sold the WC. We also talked about whether there would have been a better option for us given our location and it appears there would have been.... SO I urge anyone embarking on the tiny house journey to have a consultation with Anthony PRIOR to committing to any solution. There may be different/better answers for certain situations. For those who think that $250 is expensive for a consultation.... I suggest you consider the cost of making the wrong decision. It appears we could have got a much better solution for half the expense of the composting WC and greywater system. It is a tiny expense in the overall cost of building your home and I can assure you that it is one of the most impactful on your state of mind. I highly recommend Anthony as a specialist in this area... he has many years practical experience dealing with all the issues and I regret missing his presentation at the Toowoomba tiny home show.
Diana Neggo
Diana Neggo
14 February 2024
We bought a composting toilet from Anthony of Water Wally. It's great and works well in the studio. I want to buy another for our RV but I can't reach anyone. Lots of messages and a contact form in the website and nothing back. Frustrating.
9 January 2024
Anthony was very helpful in providing us several options for our specific project requirements, educating us along the way. Thanks Anthony.
Simon and Kate Price
Simon and Kate Price
4 January 2024
Great advice that and took into account our specific needs and situation. We are in the planning stages and needed a reality check on what solutions we should be looking at. Anthony gave low key, practical advice and clearly has great knowledge. He was also good at explaining technical things for the uneducated but enthusiastic. Would recommend for a consultation.
Aaron Aaron
Aaron Aaron
17 December 2023
Unreal service - the consultation session was well worth the money and has saved us multiples the cost in time saved and product selection / placement. Zero complaints!
Katie Pritchard
Katie Pritchard
30 November 2023
We recently had a paid consultation with Anthony regarding an effluent disposal system and grey water reuse setup. Anthony was professional, highly knowledgeable and happy to share his years of expertise to guide us through this process. Thank you Anthony for your time, highly recommend for those seeking more information on grey water solutions and no doubt we will continue to use your services going forward.
Anthony (Smitho) Smith – your on-demand wastewater expert

I can’t wait to hear about your wastewater / composting toilet needs and unpack the best solutions for your setup.

Simply select a time from my available options on the calendar below and hit the ‘Book now’ button. If the available days/times don’t quite work for you, please feel free to send an email via our contact form.

Your investment

Consultations are $250 including GST. Your consultation booking includes:

  • A pre-consultation questionnaire – which Anthony will review prior to speaking with you. This quick questionnaire will ensure you get the most out of the 60-minute consultation.
  • A 60-minute telephone or online consultation with our wastewater expert and Environmental Engineer, Anthony Smith, who will provide you with impartial and tailored advice on your needs and setup.
  • A follow-up email including any links or resources discussed in the consultation.
  • Plus, the clarity and peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions and choosing a system that is right for you. It’s a small investment that could save you thousands!


$250.00 inc. GST 60 minutes

Reviews (21)

21 reviews for Consultation Session

  1. Andrew

    My consult with the Water Wally really helped me to understand my water management options for my off grid Karri Forest property. He was able to share his knowledge and expertise in language I could easily understand.

  2. Jen Campbell

    I have lots of friends who have recommended Water Wally so when we wanted more info and equipment for our property (in another state), we contacted him first. He was very helpful and knowledgeable! Thanks a lot

  3. Jake Scholes

    Best waste water system management systems and advice ever. Highly recommended. Love the Wally ❤️ “there’s no such thing as waste”.

  4. Dan

    Top quality advice, easy to follow, easy to implement.
    No pushy sales techniques, a great company to deal with.
    Absolutely 5 star service.

  5. Tessa Phipps

    Smitho is a fountain (get it) of knowledge and brilliant to work with. Can’t recommend him enough.

  6. Kim

    Anthony was so helpful in helping me design and choose water products for my off-grid tiny house. His advice was invaluable and experienced very evident. Anthony explained the best options for my needs and I couldn’t have done it without him!

  7. Sarah NOTTLE

    Amazing Professional with extensive knowledge. He has assisted us regarding a project in WA and will return for future projects. Well thought out options including compliance to australian standard and applicable to every budget

  8. Jodie

    Information was provided that saved me a lot of time and money by investing in a toilet system that was the right match for our needs based on use and location etc.

  9. Caroline

    Anthony and Merv were very helpful in providing information on setting up and installing a compost toilet on our small scale flower farm, even though we are interstate to them. They provided fast, efficient & knowledgeable service. Thanks so much!

  10. William

    Anthony provides honest and helpful advice. He looks out for the best outcome for the customer. I would recommend Water Wally to anyone who needs advice and products on sustainable use of water in your home and business.

  11. Martin Ibach

    Great advice on what we were looking for regarding a composting toilet, great communication and honest reliable feedback on what we needed- highly recommended

  12. Lyndsey

    If you’re thinking about composting toilets or wastewater systems, then I would definitely recommend having a chat with Smitho first. He provides honest, clear and informative advice and is clearly passionate about ensuring everyone gets the system that best suits them. The consult helped us to work out what best suited our needs and enabled us to move forwards with the plan, confident that we had received all of the relevant information.

  13. Lucy L

    Anthony goes above and beyond with helpful insights and advice to support you in making the most informed choices for your specific situation. He really knows his stuff and is authentic, patient, kind and simply put, a really nice guy. He has been super helpful to me in navigating things with composting toilets and greywater systems for my tiny house. I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and Water Wally to anyone! Thanks Anthony for everything!

  14. Jamie

    Anthony was exceptionally helpful with planning for my new build. Beyond his product recommendations he did a great job attending to the shire’s concerns too, allow it to all happen.

  15. Todd Erickson

    Highly recommend a 30min consult!!! Anthony just cleared up everything we need to know about our compost toilet and grey water system plans. There is a lot to learn and the internet is deep – Anthony just simplifies this and provides advice that is clear and concise!

  16. Matt G (verified owner)

    Stoked I decided to do the consultation with Anthony. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but it was extremely helpful and reassuring to chat to someone who is an expert in this stuff. Anthony is clear and concise and gives you straight up honest advice / information. Can 100% recommend!

  17. Shani

    Our consult time with Anthony from Water Wally has been invaluable! He has helped us navigate the used of our greywater and grease trap systems for our Tiny House. Love his “no fuss” approach that we can understand in lamens terms.
    We honestly give him 100% of our trust and will be coming back for all things water related for sure!

  18. Jacob (verified owner)

    Having a yarn with Anthony was just great. Incredibly easy to chat to, his insights and knowledge gave us a great deal of confidence in moving forward with solutions that are far simpler and effective than trawling the internet would have had me believe. Just awesome to chat to someone who can give you advice and put you at ease in half an hour. Cheers!

  19. Wayne

    Anthony has gone the extra mile with advice and guidance towards me with my wastewater purchase. The products are exceptional quality and this is a system I would instal in any situation where wastewater need not be waste. Where any environmental impact would be the outcome, this arrangement becomes an asset. Even in a city environment this system is very relevant and vital to conservation of one of our most priceless resources, drinkable, clean water.

  20. Em (verified owner)

    Thank you for a frank (and reassuring) conversation about how possible composting toilets and greywater management can be – it can be tricky trying to work out which way to go with so much greenwashing and information out there.

  21. Tania (verified owner)

    Anthony really knows his shit when it comes to Wastewater! …if you need advice and instant clarity on the best next step in regard to “Onsite Wastewater 101” for your specific circumstance and situation, treat yourself to a personalised conversation with Anthony …and if you want genuine answers to your questions with solutions that are down to earth yet go above and beyond, then you’ll find great value in this 30 Minute Phone Consult as I did today ✌…thank you Anthony!

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