Residential Homes

New home? Existing building/retrofit? Granny Flat? Shed toilet? Outhouse? Weekender? Whatever your setup or your preferred style – we’ve got the loo for you!

From smaller, self-contained setups to suit low usage and temporary solutions through to larger split-system composting toilets for large homes, families, or commercial use. Water Wally has Australia’s largest range of composting toilets suited to a range of residential/domestic setups.

Did you know? The average Australian Household would save 35,000 Litres of water per year by switching to a composting toilet!

Don’t know which toilet is right for you? There is no one size fits all and there are a few variables that will play a role in deciding which setup best suits your needs. The number of people using the toilet and the frequency of use are a couple of the most important factors to consider in making the right choice. Self contained systems are designed for smaller usages and split systems are for larger usage.

Find out more about the differences between these systems and other FAQ here. Remember – it’s always better to have a setup that’s slightly bigger than what you need than it is to have one that’s too small!

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