Clivus Multrum

The Clivus Multrum compost toilet concept – the first of its kind in the world – was originally developed in Sweden in the 1930’s. In Australia, Clivus Multrum has been designing and manufacturing a large range of waterless composting toilets for more than four decades. Its loos are used in home and commercial settings as well as national parks, roadside rest areas, mine sites, camping grounds, Defence camps, permaculture centres and community sporting groups.

The Clivus system is based on a “continuous” composting process in one large chamber, as opposed to other composting toilets that use multiple smaller chambers. An aerated micro-environment is crucial to any composting process and Clivus Multrum toilets are designed with a ventilation fan and air channels through the compost pile. They also feature a large inspection door to easily check that the system is functioning efficiently. And separate access to fully composted material which settles to the bottom of the chamber, where it is easily removed. Overall, a simple yet very effective design by this respected, Queensland-based compost toilet company.

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