The Ultimate, Step by Step DIY Water Saving …

The Ultimate, Step by Step DIY Water Saving Project for the Summer!

Step 1) Uninstall your existing flush toilet. This is easier than you might think (this one took about 20 mins).

Step 2) Install a waterless composting toilet. Waterless composting toilets use no water and retain valuable nutrients which are broken down to an end product which is safe to use as an excellent garden fertiliser.

Step 3) Paint over the wall where the old cistern used to be and make your toilet a lovely place to be!

Step 4) Take your old flush toilet outside and transform it into a wicking bed. Using blue metal/aggregate in the bottom of the loo and a length of PVC gives you a water reservoir and a way to fill it.

Step 5) Plant out your new “Wicking Loo” and top it up with potting mix and/or compost. I’ve planted the Australian Kangaroo Paw here.

Step 6) Fill your reservoir via the PVC inlet. When you see water flowing from the back of the toilet, you know the reservoir is full. The water will ‘wick’ upwards from the reservoir to the roots of the plants.

Step 7) Sit back with a beer and marvel at the genius of what you have just created… Merry Christmas