About Water Wally

Water Wally is the only place you can compare all the leading composting toilet brands and greywater systems available in Australia.

We provide unbiased advice on which system will work best for you, and our qualified team are happy to go that extra mile to ensure you get the best service for a great online shopping experience. Our qualified environmental engineer ensures all products meet industry standard and can advise you on how to go about gaining council approval.

With lots of information available on our website, we aim to provide a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to learn about how to save water or go off-grid. Our goal is to continue to grow awareness of how precious and finite our water supply is.

By using innovative ideas, applying basic conservation techniques and continuing to grow our knowledge and share ideas, we are making progress and helping people implement their own big water saving ideas at home.

Anthony Smith

Anthony is a qualified Environmental Engineer, is certified in level IV Conservation and Land Management and boasts a diverse occupation history giving him a broad knowledge base and a wide range of applied skills. His passion for the environment, conservation and gardening has led him to work on many interesting, remote and self sufficient properties across Australia and abroad.

With his acquired knowledge and skills, Anthony aims to help people be more environmentally friendly with their properties and projects and in particular be more aware and pro-active with practical ways in which we can conserve, re- use and enjoy our water responsibly.

Who we are,

A family owned business who care about the planet.

Recognising the value of water as a resource and the importance of managing it for a sustainable future is what we’re all about.

What we do,

Commercial, Domestic, DIY, Consulting etc. etc.

A bit of everything really… This website is setup as a one-stop-shop for all things Greywater and Composting Toilets. We also offer services in installations, consulting and more.

… and Wally!

What would Water Wally be without Wally?

Frogs are well recognised as an indicator species in healthy waters and healthy ecosystems. If there are frogs around – things are good, if Wally’s around – things are even better.