Military-grade toilets

Supplying toilets and buildings to two remote military training bases in Western Australia.

Australian Defence Force
Lancelin & Yampi Sound, WA

Toilet Facilities

The Australian Defence Force needed toilet facilities in Lancelin, 150km north of Perth. A no-frills solution requiring low maintenance was needed for a site with no water supply. Waterless composting toilets were the ideal solution. We designed and supplied design drawings
for local builders to construct the timber-framed Colorbond clad buildings, with a solar battery system to power the ventilation and lighting.

Thanks to the success of the Lancelin systems, we were engaged to supply similar toilets to a new base in Yampi Sound in the Kimberley. Because of the limited access to this remote site, pre-cut flat-packed building structures were supplied to be assembled on-site by local contractors. Needless to say, these buildings needed to tough, durable and low maintenance to stand up to the harsh conditions of the location.