A camping experience like no other

Providing wastewater management systems for camping facilities that promote sustainable building and management practices.

Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm
Margaret River, WA

Greywater System and Composting Toilets

Fair Harvest is a farm which embraces the self-sufficient practices of permaculture and showcases the benefits of sustainable living and building. 

When they decided to set up a campground and facilities, they wanted low impact, sustainable resource management wherever they could. After extensive consultations and costings, followed by site evaluations, design and local government approvals, we designed, supplied and installed a comprehensive greywater diversion system and composting toilet facility.

With two composting toilets, all the waste is managed and composted on-site. The greywater from showers and hand basins runs through a diversion system and irrigates the surrounding gardens and trees. And, by using timbers that were grown and milled onsite, the facilities look amazing.